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You fly in a dangerous plasma tunnel and any wrong move may be fatal. Your enemies are asteroids and sharp corners. It’s only up to you how to deal with them. Destructive laser cannon and pair of powerful jets are included.

This game was written in Python 3.8.3 with pygame 1.9.6 library.

It is fully freeware and open-source. Game media content was retrieved from
free and open Internet sources. Rights for images, animations, sound effects
and music in this game belong to their respective owners.

Most resources were downloaded from following sites:

To run the game you should firstly install Python and pygame package. If it’s
done open command line or terminal session and navigate to the game directory. Then input script name and press Enter:


Note: if you have installed both Python 2 and Python 3 in your system then try
following command:

    python3 space_racer.py

For fullscreen mode specify --fullscreen command line key:

    space_racer.py --fullscreen

If the game seems to be tough for you, use extra lives boost with --easymode
command line key:

    space_racer.py --easymode

In-game controls:

    Up arrow/Down arrow    – speed up/slow down;
    Left arrow/Right arrow – move left/move right;
    Spacebar               – laser shot;
    Esc, Pause             – game pause.

To exit the game during gameplay press Esc and then press Enter. Pressing Esc
on title or ending screen exits the game immediately.

The source code of the game is available on GitHub:

Good luck and have fun ;)


space_racer_win32.zip 87 MB
space_racer_src.zip 72 MB

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